What happens if you ignore a broken or chipped tooth

Help! I have chipped my tooth – what now? Your teeth are strong and resilient.  Did you know the enamel covering your teeth is the hardest, most mineralised tissue in the human body?  However, a chipped tooth or breaking a tooth happens, so what can you do about it? How teeth can chip or break…  Read More

Cosmetic dentistry: looking after more than just your teeth

At justSMILE in Sydney we offer a cosmetic treatment plan for your teeth and your face Improving the appearance of your smile has never been easier with dentofacial aesthetics. Dentofacial aesthetics combines dentistry with treatments such as: lip fillers, anti-wrinkle treatments and gummy smile treatment. What this means for you is you can have your…  Read More

Are you looking for teeth whitening in Sydney?

Dentist Dr Rammo explains the Philips Zoom! Teeth Whitening process from his Sydney dental practice: What sets Zoom! Teeth Whitening treatments apart from regular whitening treatments here in Sydney? The difference between using Zoom teeth whitening (in-office) compared to an alternative whitening product is that once you start mixing the alternative whitening products, the active…  Read More

How long do dental implants last?

When it comes to tooth replacement treatments, dental implants here in Ramsgate have been found to be one of the most successful and predictable dental treatments available on the market, but how long do dental implants last? All around the world patients are opting for dental implants to replace their missing teeth. Factors that affect the…  Read More

What do wrinkles and other cosmetic procedures have to do with the dentist?

People generally associate the dentist with simply fixing teeth, but as modern science advances and as the study of dentistry continues to evolve, the borders and limitations of what a dentist can treat have become blurred. Here at justSMILE in Ramsgate Beach, we believe that restoring balance to your smile is about more than just…  Read More

How justSMILE dental implant technology is beneficial for your oral health

Replace your missing teeth with dental implants at JustSMILE in Ramsgate Beach, Sydney in a fast and effective way. Let us explain to you how justSMILE is able to provide you with a quick and simple tooth replacement method. Using cutting edge technology we are able to get a competitive edge to stand out from the rest…  Read More

5 simple ways to keep your teeth white

Want an excuse to boost the whiteness of your smile? Just Smile in Ramsgate Beach has the most celebrated teeth whitening treatments on the market! Servicing the community from Sutherland Shire, Hurstville, Kogarah and surrounding suburbs. Here at justSMILE in Ramsgate we want to offer you the opportunity to pep up your grin using ZOOM!…  Read More