Dental Drill vs Laser Dentistry: What’s the Difference?


Hate the idea of a dental drill? justSMILE in Ramsgate Beach offers laser dentistry for patients who are looking for an appropriate and safe alternative. Used as a method to not only ease anxiety about dental drills, laser dentistry can provide an alternative that has the ability to reduce the…

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5 Simple Ways to Keep your Teeth White


Want an excuse to boost the whiteness of your smile? Just Smile in Ramsgate Beach has the most celebrated teeth whitening treatments on the market! Servicing the community from Sutherland Shire, Hurstville, Kogarah and surrounding suburbs. Here at justSMILE in Ramsgate we want to offer you the opportunity to pep…

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Why Selfies Matter When You’re Over 40


Why Selfies Matter When You’re Over 40 Do you think you’re beyond investing in your appearance? Think again… there can be huge benefits to investing in your appearance even as you get older Confidence is important at any age, and feeling confident in part is to do with your appearance…

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No One Is Safe from Tooth Loss

If you’re looking disappointedly at your smile in the mirror and wishing that you had cared more then it’s likely that you are missing teeth or need restorative dentistry. Did you know that 75% of Australians regret not taking care of their smile when they were younger? In this way…

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Laser Gum Reduction: From Gummy Smile to Yummy Mummy


justSMILE can perform a gum reduction procedure with a dental laser so you don’t have to feel self-conscious about your smile any longer. Gummy smiles are smiles where there is too much gum grown over the teeth. This is generally a hereditary condition that can be easily solved with laser…

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Is Your Smile Safe?


A problem called periodontitis could be lurking in your mouth, causing your gums to recede making your gums inflamed and resulting in tooth decay… Luckily we offer laser gum disease treatment for comfortable and effective relief. Gum disease is a condition that worsens over time if untreated. The initial stage…

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Gummy Smile? Our Laser Dentistry Can Help


A gummy smile can cause self-esteem issues as many people feel self-conscious about their gums being exposed. This can result in people smiling with their lips closed or not smiling at all. As dentists, we love it when people have the confidence to smile widely, showing off their pearly whites.…

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Infographic: Dental Implants and Your Smile


Dental implants are a small titanium fixture that are inserted into your jaw. They are a permanent solution to tooth loss and are commonly used instead of dentures or bridges as they are a long-term and durable solution. Many patients prefer dental implants over dentures because they are not removable…

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Ramsgate NSW justSMILE: Your Cosmetic Dentist


Take a look at three of our happy patients who have undergone cosmetic dental makeovers Here at justSMILE in Ramsgate we know the importance of an aesthetically pleasing smile. A beautiful smile can lead to business opportunities and new friendships, as well as improve the way you feel about your…

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How can I Improve my Smile for Valentine’s Day 2014?


Ensure your smile is beautiful or handsome this Valentine’s Day with a dental implant or makeover Valentine’s Day is an exciting day of the year – you get to exchange presents and spend a day or night with someone you love. No matter what, it’s most likely that you will…

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Why you Should Choose a Dentist to Whiten your Smile


With so many tooth whitening options readily available in supermarkets and cosmetic clinics it has become extremely difficult to choose an effective whitening option! There are many do-it-yourself teeth whitening products available such as toothpastes, gels and whitening strips, but these products are usually quite ineffective at whitening your smile,…

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The Importance of Visiting a Dentist


Dental Health: You wouldn’t trust a gardener to wire your house’s electricity and you wouldn’t trust an ice-cream man to diagnose an ear-ache, so you shouldn’t just take people’s word for it when it comes to problems with your dental health. Your oral health is just as delicate and important…

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How do You Get a Celebrity Smile?


Celebrities are renowned and admired for their perfect smiles but there is a secret behind getting that celebrity smile... If you’ve ever looked closely at Miley Cyrus you will have noticed that at a young age she had quite prominent gums and a toothy smile. She has gone through a…

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How Do I Look After My Dental Implants?


Making the decision to have dental implants to fill the gaps in your mouth is a fantastic way to restore harmony and health to your smile.  As soon as you look in the mirror you’ll know it was all worth it because you’ll have wonderfully perfect teeth flashing back at…

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The Significance of Biocompatibility When Considering Dental Implants


Biocompatibility: If you are considering dental implants or are researching any type of dental treatment and come across ‘biocompatibility’ or ‘biocompatible’ you might ask yourself the significance of this word and its importance to any medical profession. Biocompatible means that the object, metal or substance has the capability to coexist…

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Do You Have More Gaps than Teeth?


Are you hanging on to the last of your remaining teeth? Are you too embarrassed to smile? One missing tooth can be a discomfort and can cause its own problems but if your mouth is made up of more gaps than teeth, then that can cause damaging effects to your…

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