Braces that Fit into your Lifestyle


clear braces in Ramsgate

There are many ways to straighten teeth:

  • fixed metal braces that blaze a trail across your smile
  • aligner bows that squeeze the teeth into position
  • tooth-coloured fixed braces that blend into yoursmile
  • lingual braces that are fixed on the underside of the teeth
  • clear aligners that fit over the teeth like a thin, plastic mouth guard.

Here at Just Smile, we favour a brand of clear braces in Ramsgate, NSW called ClearCorrect. These cosmetic aligners are popular with our adult patients because they fit neatly into your lifestyle.

These clear braces in Ramsgate, NSW are not only transparent but also removable. This means that they are taken out for eating and cleaning after each meal. So, while it requires a bit of discipline to remember to do this, there are no brackets and wires for food to get stuck in, and the cleaning routine is manageable within the confines of everyday life.

It also means that, if you do have an extra special occasion to attend during the course of your treatment such as a wedding, you can remove the clear braces in Ramsgate, NSW for an hour or two. You just need to remember to pop them back in again to make sure treatment stays on track.

How does it work?

If you would like to find out if ClearCorrect are the right clear braces in Ramsgate, NSW for you, come in for a free consultation with Dr Rammo. He’ll assess your suitability for treatment and answers any questions you have about the procedure. We find that many adult patients who’ve had braces in the past, and their teeth have relapsed into their old positions, are great candidates for ClearCorrect.

If you are cleared to go ahead, Dr Rammo will take impressions of your teeth and create a digital treatment plan. This software programme is sent to the ClearCorrect technicians, so they can manufacture your bespoke set of aligners.

You then receive your aligners in the post, and wear each set for 7-10 days, until the feeling of pressure wears off, then change them for the next pair. You’ll check in with Dr Rammo every few weeks just to make sure treatment is on track.

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