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What your diet has to do with your oral health

Here at just SMILE, Dr Rammo believes that your sugar consumption habits and dietary choices directly affect your oral and overall health | Ramsgate Beach

When people speak of “abusing the body” it isn’t just about being on the heavy side. There are many different dietary and consumption choices that can contribute to your oral and overall health – plenty of them apply to people of regular weight and those who exhibit eating disorders. Your…

Fill Up That Hole with Modern Tooth Coloured Fillings

Fill-Up-That-Hole-with-Modern-Tooth-Colour-Fillings at justSMILE Sydney NSW

Tooth coloured fillings are one of the easiest ways to restore a broken or chipped tooth that has suffered decay before the problem progresses into something that requires a more complex treatment. Consistent oral hygiene is essential in the maintenance and up-keep of your teeth but sometimes accidents happen and…