COVID-19 Update: Office Temporarily Closed – Emergency Visits Only


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First of all thank you for being or loyal patients at justSMILE

I wanted to write to you as we are going through these tough times with the corona virus situations. As of now we are on level 3 which restricts dental treatments to emergencies and relief of pain, so I wanted to go over few scenarios of what to do if you can’t get to see us.
As such, in accordance with the latest recommendations from the Australian Dental Association, and to assist in maintaining the safety of our patients and staff, we will now be deferring all routine dental treatments and restricting appointments to urgent treatment and emergencies dental procedures only.

The ADA defines this as…

  • New or recent swelling of your gums or face (within the past three to seven days).
  • Severe toothache pain (on a pain scale of 1-10, a 5 or more that has lasted more than 24 hours).
  • Tooth infection.
  • Bleeding in your mouth that does not stop following tooth extraction or gum surgery.
  • Recent trauma, such as broken tooth causing pain.

Emergency Dentistry When You Need It Most:

The last few days have been spent modifying our dental practices to be able to still answer or return your phone calls with good advice and reassurance. We are also working hard to ensure that we can work remotely.

On the most serious of dental emergencies, we may still see you. However, our number one priority is of course to ensure your and our staff safety during such procedures. Please continue to call us, email us or use our online scheduling tool for any dental queries. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

Information When You Want It Most: The NEW justSMILE Dental Newsletter

On the side, in conjunction with Smile Docs®, we are also working on and will publish a series of new articles called: “What Can You Do When You Can’t Get To See The Dentist”.

These are designed to give our patients valuable advice during this difficult time, when most dentists are forcibly closed. Look out for them. We will have as many topics as possible and will publish them regularly. I will also update all our patients regularly with emails and videos. This is an unprecedented crisis. We are making new rules as we go, to ensure that we are all safe and come out on the other side, healthy and stronger.

I thank you very much, our dearest patients, for your understanding, patience and support. I urge everyone to come back and support us, when this is all over, for the best dental service that you are all accustomed to. Till then, stay safe, be kind to one another and look after your love ones.

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