How Custom Mouthguards Help With Sleep Apnoea


Dr Rammo working on dental patient teeth

Snoring is no joke – not only is it a health concern, your bed partner is going to be kept awake all night. If you or a loved one are a loud and frequent snorer, you may be suffering from obstructive sleep apnoea. At justSMILE, we treat a lot of patients with snoring issues from around Sydney with custom mouthguards (sometimes referred to as “oral appliances”). Custom mouthguards are a less invasive and highly effective solution to help alleviate sleep apnoea symptoms.

What’s a Custom Mouthguard?

A custom mouthguard is a dental device made by our team which helps to reduce snoring by opening up your airways while you sleep and relieve the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnoea. Other types of mouthguards are designed to protect your teeth from grinding or clenching while you sleep. They are also made to prevent injuries to your teeth while playing contact sports like Aussie football. This second type of mouthguard doesn’t have the same function as those devices which open up your airways and help you breathe during sleep.

Why Consider a Custom Mouthguard?

Quite simply, these devices have been proven to be an effective treatment for people with sleep apnoea. Our patients, as well as clinical studies, have shown they are an effective solution. Because they are easy and comfortable to use, our patients have found it easier to wear them on a consistent basis, helping both them and their partners get a good night’s sleep. You may have heard about CPAP machines, which are another alternative for sleep apnoea treatment, but they are bulky and uncomfortable.

What’s Involved?

Dr Rammo and his dental team at justSMILE will do a thorough oral exam followed by an appointment for a sleep study. From the exam, we’ll be able to identify issues like if you grind your teeth or have an obstructed airway.

After your sleep study has completed, we’ll take digital impressions of your teeth and order a mouthguard which is customised for your needs and mouth. When it comes in, we’ll sit with you and show you how to use it to get the maximum benefit possible so you can get a solid night of sleep.

Cheap Sleep Apnoea Mouthguards

Inexpensive “boil-and-bite” mouthguards are sold online and in the chemists; they are often seen as a cheap and easy way to stop snoring rather than seeing a professional who treats snoring on a regular basis. These cheap mouthguards do not provide anywhere near the same results as you would get from a professional grade mouthguard. They could even make your breathing worse or irritate your teeth and gums.

Mouthguards are best left to professionals like Dr Rammo and the team at justSMILE. If you are curious about how a custom mouthguard may be able to help with your snoring (or your bed partner!) ring our office for a free assessment.

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