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Dental Implants: Prevent Further Tooth Loss and Oral Health Problems

Dental implants are an effective way to replace a tooth and prevent a host of oral health problems

When you lose a tooth, if not treated it can lead to further tooth loss, gum disease, jaw bone deterioration (which in turn can cause tooth loss), problems with bite and so forth. Each of these problems can—in turn—cause other problems: gum disease has been linked to a range of health problems such as diabetes, stroke, heart attacks and even cancer; tooth loss can cause the jaw bone to weaken which can cause further tooth loss which can cause problems with the bite and the problems keep going.

All of this can be prevented with a dental implant. Or, to be more accurate, a dental implant can stop a missing tooth from causing all these problems. What is great about a dental implant is that, if looked after properly, a dental implant can practically last forever: what do we mean by looking after it properly? Well, simply brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing once a day just like you would your normal teeth can help look after your dental implant.

Dental implants are an effective replacement for a missing tooth…

Ideally, the best tooth is your natural tooth: however, accidents are unavoidable and in the unfortunate circumstance that you lose a tooth a dental implant is the best solution. The dental implant procedure involves a titanium screw that is surgically inserted into the jawbone where it will fuse (over a period of months) with the jawbone creating a solid artificial tooth root for a prosthetic tooth replacement.

At Just Smiles we use the NobelGuide System for our dental implant procedure…

At Just Smiles we are committed to using the latest technology to provide our patients with the best care possible. Through the use of NobelGuide System our dentists can place the implant with great accuracy and ease. This is thanks to the 3D imaging which shows the exact position and depth the implant needs to be placed prior to surgery.

Another advantage of the NobelGuide System is that it allows the dental implant procedure to be more efficient and comfortable with a faster recovery time because the implant and the crown can be placed simultaneously.
Are you a candidate for dental implant procedure?

It is important that if you are missing a tooth (or teeth) to replace it as soon as possible. The reason behind this is that once a tooth is lost the bone that is responsible for holding the tooth root starts to dissolve fairly quickly—in order for the dental implant procedure to be effective there needs to be enough bone volume to support the dental implant. It is also important to maintain oral hygiene and visit Just Smile in Ramsgate every six months for a regular dental check-up.

Dental implants act like your natural teeth. This means that oral health problems can affect them just as adversely as your natural teeth.

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