There’s a Gap in Your Mouth; Every Tooth Is Invited!


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Teeth hate a vacant seat and they will go as far as to migrate to fill the void left by missing teeth…

Did you know that in the event of a missing tooth over time your remaining teeth can actually move to fill the gap the missing tooth left behind? It’s true! It is called tooth migration and it is damaging to your oral health, your remaining teeth and the overall appearance of your smile. Do you have missing teeth? Are your remaining teeth moving to the left or the right in an effort to fill the void? It’s time to visit us at Just Smile and talk about filling the gap with a dental implant.

Why do teeth migrate?

Before we get into the reason teeth migrate it is important to note that as an adult you have thirty two developed teeth.

32 teeth + average adult mouth size = not much space at all!

Have a look at the inside of your mouth. The modern adult mouth has down scaled its size over the evolutionary time line and has not left us even enough space at all, especially for our wisdom teeth which get removed because our mouths cannot accommodate them!

The main reasons why the teeth would migrate in the absence of a tooth are:

  1. To gain more space (with no uniformity teeth take advantage)
  2. To make up for the absence of the missing tooth in regards to function and balance

Reason number one makes a lot of sense in regards to the size of our mouth but the second reason has more to do with the way our mouth functions. Each bottom row of teeth has an upper row of teeth to complement it. When eating, speaking or using the mouth, the teeth clash together and the power is distributed evenly between the teeth and so if a tooth is missing, your body will recognise this, and one or more of your teeth will shift to restore the symmetry.

If the teeth are migrating to fill the void and restore symmetry that is a good thing, right?

No, it really isn’t. If one or more of your teeth move to make up for the imbalance that will result in your moving teeth taking more pressure than what they are designed to take, and not being straight will reduce their ability to take pressure.

Migrating teeth can result in:

  • A crooked bite
  • A distorted bite
  • Oral hygiene problems
  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontal disease
  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder
  • Overbite or under bite
  • Loose teeth
  • Deterioration of the remaining teeth

The implications are endless but luckily for you at Just Smile we have the perfect solution.

Put your teeth in their place with a dental implant…

Teeth are meant to grow up and out of the gums, not left, right, backwards or forwards so put them back in line with a dental implant. A dental implant acts as a replacement for a missing tooth root and looks exactly the same and functions as a natural tooth, with the added benefit of taking on the workload and filling the void. Your teeth will no longer have a reason or the ability to migrate!

Dental Implants:

  • Are a permanent solution
  • Look fantastic and realistic
  • Function as normal teeth
  • Require no preferential treatment – normal oral hygiene required
  • Restores the ability to speak properly
  • Stops your teeth from migrating!

Filling the void At Just Smile a dental implant can vastly improve your appearance and your oral health…

Our founding dentist Dr Rammo is a firm believer in the benefits a dental implant can give to a patient who receives them and with the NobelGuideTM dental implant system the implant will be placed with precision and accuracy. With no gaps in either your bottom row or top row of teeth none of your natural teeth will move. It’s that simple.

For more information on tooth migration, dental implants, good oral hygiene or to book an appointment at our Ramsgate dental practice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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