Do You Have More Gaps than Teeth?

Are you hanging on to the last of your remaining teeth? Are you too embarrassed to smile?

One missing tooth can be a discomfort and can cause its own problems but if your mouth is made up of more gaps than teeth, then that can cause damaging effects to your social, digestive, oral and overall health. Humans have not yet mastered the art of regeneration, so once we lose our adult teeth there is no turning back.

Teeth are essential for healthy social life…

A person’s appearance is the first thing you notice: their hair, their face, their weight and as soon as they open their mouth, their teeth. Initially it can affect your opinion of them. You don’t know why but for some reason if they have crooked or missing teeth you will find them less appealing and that is because straight, full and clean teeth are a reflection of success, intelligence and health.

If you have missing teeth, it could be affecting you socially in the following ways:

  • Conversations – it will affect your ability to talk clearly to people
  • First impressions – your smile may make others prejudge you
  • Self-confidence – you may feel embarrassed and lose confidence

Teeth are essential for digestive health…

The most important function of the teeth is to prepare the food for the digestive system. Your digestive system is essential for the intake of nutrient-rich food and water in order to survive, different organs will then break down the food taking from it nutrients and absorbing them into the body. The teeth are the beginning of the whole digestive process and if they are missing it diminishes the variety of food you can eat.

Teeth are essential for facial function…

The problems that your teeth will undergo in the absence in missing teeth is struggling but in the event of long term missing teeth you might find yourself susceptible to the following:

  • Your bite will not have a symmetrical structure and will become distorted and misaligned
  • The jaw bone and gum tissue will deteriorate
  • The face will appear slackened
  • Overall oral health will deplete and may leave it prone to disease
  • The imbalance could spread to your nose, eyes and ears causing related problems

Bridge together the gaps in your teeth and consider dental implants…

Bringing the teeth together and having a fully functional mouth can save you from a variety of problems that can affect your social, digestive and facial health. At Just Smile we suggest dental implants to patients with any number of missing teeth granted they prove to be suitable candidates.

If you have healthy gums, enough jaw bone to allow the implant to attach and have a commitment to great oral hygiene than you are more than likely a viable candidate for dental implants. Those who are heavy smokers, suffering chronic disorders such as diabetes or heart disease and or have had radiation therapy to the head/neck area will need to undergo an evaluation before the surgery.

At Just Smile we utilise advanced technology and innovative treatments…

Advances in technology have allowed patients and dentists to achieve long term results and at Just Smile our founding dentist Dr Rammo’s vision is to provide his patients with modern treatments at his Sydney based dental practice. Dental Implants are one of our popular treatments because they look, feel and act like the real deal and have proven results. If you are suffering from a gap-toothed smile why not call our friendly staff for a consultation

For more information on dental implants, any of or other treatments or to book a consultation at our Ramsgate dental practice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  1. Must be over 18 years of age
  2. Free Smile Assessment consultation must be face to face
  3. Includes : Smile analysis, Facial lines and asymmetries, Teeth size, shape and position analysis, Teeth color recording, Jaw analysis, General tooth and gum health assessment and advise on the suitability for Invisalign or other Smile Make-Over procedures and recommendations.
  4. Does not include a full examination, x-rays or a scale and polish.
  5. Free Smile Assessment offer can be used in conjunction with other offers such as Whitening, Check up and Polish, and Invisalign offers.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risk. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. This offer may change without notice.