How to Find a Great Children’s Dentist


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Finding a Great Children’s Dentist

A child’s first experience at the dentist is crucial. Depending on the quality of the experience, it may be forming for his dental care habits for a lifetime.

Choosing a dentist with the right certifications and specialty treatments isn’t enough. You want someone who’s also patient, empathic, and great with children.

You shouldn’t delay your visit too long. The younger your child is during their first dental appointment, the easier it is to familiarize him with dental care, and the better for cavity prevention.

But, we know it’s hard to find someone you trust when it comes to your youngster’s dental care. Our article aims to offer actionable advice and help you choose the best local practice.

So without further ado, here are 4 proven tips on how to find the best children’s dentist out there.

4 Tips on Finding the Best Children’s Dentist

Pay attention to the environment.

The dental practice’s environment is crucial for your children’s experience. A clean and bright environment can make them feel reassured and less anxious about their upcoming treatment.

You don’t necessarily need something too childish or cartoonish, but hygiene and tidiness are important. The dental office shouldn’t be a scary place for your child, but a welcoming environment.

Ask a parent for a referral.

Asking a parent is most likely one of the best pieces of advice we can give you. This is because they’ll likely be just as concerned about choosing the right practice as you are.

Make use of their experience and ask them everything about the recommended dentistry, overall environment, and any other details that a simple website visit can’t provide.

Never underestimate the power of word-to-mouth references. Especially since the parents who you’re asking already saw the dentist interacting with their children.

Ask about their approach.

Just as the best filling is no filling at all, the best treatment is prevention. You’ll want a practice that specializes in preventative dental care for your young ones.

This is because children develop cavities and tooth decay easily. Your dentist’s approach should prevent these from happening by regular examinations, cleaning, and setting up a healthy dental care routine for your children.

Choosing a dentist with a preventative approach can save your children a lot of uncomfortable dental treatments in the long run.

Ask about financing.

Naturally, you want what’s best for your children, but you must consider the financial side as well. Especially since some of the more complicated treatments might be expensive.

Therefore, it’s best to ask your dentist if they offer any payment plans. This will enable you to get the best treatment for your children and pay for it over time.

This is why we decided to offer financing for major dental treatments at justSMILE. Our plans allow you to pay back the treatment price interest-free for up to 12 months. Find out more about our dental payment plan.

Choose the Best Dental Care for Your Children

Looking for the best dental care for your children? Then look no further – justSMILE is one of Sydney’s top-rated pediatric dentists.

We emphasize a preventative approach for dental care – so that your child can reach adulthood with a healthy, cavity-free smile.

We’ll make sure your child’s first experience is positive and we educate them about dental care, fluoride, and healthy oral hygiene, in our welcoming environment.

Book your appointment with us online, or call us at 02 9529 7555 for Ramsgate Beach NSW, or 02 9387 1710 for our practice in Bondi.

And remember, that your children’s smile is our absolute priority.

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