How to Manage Your Toothache Up Until Your Appointment


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If you have an emergency dental appointment it’s important to take care of your teeth in the meantime.

Sometimes it won’t be possible to see us straight away when you have a toothache or a dental emergency. Your dental emergency may be after hours, or you may have to wait a small amount of time for your appointment.  Keep in mind that at JustSMILE we always allocate time slots for emergency appointments and you can book directly online at a time that suits you.

There are generally two different types of tooth emergencies: your tooth has been chipped, broken or knocked out or you have a sudden toothache.

What to do in case of emergency:

The four things you need to do right away:

  1. Stop any bleeding
  2. Keep the tooth safe
  3. Stop pain
  4. Make a Dental Appointment


1. How to stop bleeding


It’s important to stop bleeding so you don’t lose a significant amount of blood. To do this get a piece of gauze, a cloth or even a tightly scrunched up ball of tissue and press it on the bleeding area. Bite down gently so that enough pressure is put on the gum to minimise the bleeding.


 2. How to keep the tooth safe

justsmile dental clinicOnce the bleeding is controlled you will need to try and keep your tooth safe. The best way to do this is to pick it up by the crown (the top of your tooth) and place it in the hollow of your cheek or under your tongue. You can also place it in a small glass of milk.



3. How to stop a toothache and pain

justsmile dental clinicThere are a number of ways you can manage pain in times of a dental emergency:

    • Warm cloth or heat pack
    • Cold compress
    • Gum numbing gel
    • Appropriate pain medication


4. Make an Emergency Dental Appointment


At JustSMILE we always leave time in our day for Emergency Dental Appointments, you can book directly online or if there are no appointments available – don’t stress!  Call our caring team at the practice on 9529 7555 and we will be sure to fit you in.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What pain medication should I take?

Before you visit your dentist you can get over the counter pain medication.  Your choices include:

  • Mersyndol Forte (which can result in drowsiness)
  • Paracetomol
  • Panedine Plus/Extra (high level of codeine)
  • Voltarin (if you have muscular pain in your jaw muscles)

Can I visit the ER with a toothache?

If you visit the ER with a toothache they will only be able to provide strong pain medication until you can get in to see us. They generally can’t operate on the spot if you need an extraction unless they happen to have a consulting dentist at the hospital (which not all hospitals do). It is always recommended that you visit a qualified dentist who has undergone the extra training necessary to perform extractions and other emergency dental procedures with absolute precision.

There is also always a chance that you’ll be waiting in the ER for hours and if you require surgery you may be placed on a waiting list that can take years to be publicly funded.

Need an Emergency Dentist in Ramsgate Beach?

JustSMILE is only 7 minutes from St George Hospital so if you have a dental emergency please call us on 02 9159 3764.

We allow space for dental emergencies so never assume we can’t fit you in.

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