How can I Improve my Smile for Valentine’s Day 2014?


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Ensure your smile is beautiful or handsome this Valentine’s Day with a dental implant or makeover

Valentine’s Day is an exciting day of the year – you get to exchange presents and spend a day or night with someone you love. No matter what, it’s most likely that you will be going out with someone to share food and a smile with them. While this is a normal tradition for most people some people may find this a daunting experience because of a missing tooth.

A missing tooth can impact the way you enjoy food and your overall appearance. A missing tooth can be an unattractive trait, as well as affect the function of your bite, which is why justSMILE in Ramsgate offers Nobel Biocare dental implants in order to restore your smile.


What better present for your spouse or your date than a beautiful smile?

A beautiful smile is an invaluable asset which can help improve your professional and social appearance. Research has shown that a full, straight and white smile can help rise you higher in your chosen career and even improve your people skills and self-esteem. Many people are living with a missing tooth and don’t comprehend the difference an immaculate smile can make to their appearance, everyday comfort and their ability to chew, speak and smile.

The physical implications of a missing tooth

The aesthetic appearance of your smile is not the only thing to consider when thinking about replacing a missing tooth. Leaving a gap in your smile after an extraction or after tooth loss can result in the rest of your teeth shifting to fill in the gap. This is a dangerous occurrence as this can result in multiple miniature gaps in your smile. Your teeth are also responsible for maintaining the strength and structure of your jaw. This is because your jaw is strengthened by the constant use of your teeth either when clenching your upper and lower arches together or when you chew or speak. If there is an area of your mouth that does not have this stimulus it can result in jaw bone deterioration which can then affect the solidity of the rest of your smile.

Dental Implants could be the beginning of a Dentofacial makeover

A dentofacial makeover encompasses multiple dental treatments in order to enhance every aspect of your smile and the surrounding features. Here at justSMILE in Ramsgate we utilise muscle relaxants and fillers to both prevent wrinkles and re-volumise areas of the face that have become shallow with age. Popular areas of filler placement are the lips, as these frame your smile and can improve your overall appearance.

A dentofacial makeover can also include gummy smile treatment

If you feel self-conscious because of the look of your gums Dr Rammo at justSMILE can perform gummy smile treatment which involves contouring the gums with a dental laser. This treatment reduces the reach of your gum over your teeth, so that more of your teeth show when you smile.

Dentofacial aesthetics and dental implants, Sydney

To improve any of these factors in time for your Valentine’s Day smile please visit our dental practice in Ramsgate.

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