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August Invest in Your Oral Health Dental Implants in Sydney NSW

Dental Implants Are a Revolutionary Solution to Tooth Loss

Dental implants are the complete restorative and cosmetic package and can improve your oral health now and continue to do so well into the future. How?

Dental implants are a permanent prosthetic replacement for teeth, because they replicate the tooth root and provide a sturdy and strong base for a prosthetic tooth. At Just Smile in Sydney we believe that there is no better way to replace a missing tooth.

The implant itself is made from a titanium alloy that is highly biocompatible with your jawbone. What this means is that there is virtually no risk of your body rejecting the implant.

What Was Done Before Modern Dentistry…

Back in ancient Egypt it is said that bone and shell was used to replace missing teeth. This has been determined by interesting archaeological finds which discovered the presence of tortoise shell and bones in the jaw of numerous individuals.

Thankfully in the thousand or so years since then we’ve come a long, long way. Now dental implants are a safe and effective method for tooth replacement. Modern dental implants are not only an amazing restorative treatment they are also an effective cosmetic treatment that can restore your smile.

What Dental Implants Can Do For You…

Dental implants replace missing teeth – a procedure which is required for a number of health reasons:

  1. A missing tooth can cause the surrounding jaw bone to deteriorate
  2. Teeth surrounding the gap can migrate to fill the gap, which creates a distorted bite
  3. Gum tissue can shrink
  4. Deterioration of your jawbone can alter the appearance of your face

Dental implants can help retain healthy jaw bone density and look after surrounding teeth. A dental implant and the prosthetic tooth that will be attached will essentially help to restore the function and aesthetics back to your smile.

…Are you a Suitable Candidate?

A suitable dental implant patient is someone’s who gums are healthy and who have enough bone to support the implant. It is also necessary that a suitable candidate has a commitment to good oral hygiene and regular dental visits. There are some patients who’ll need to be evaluated on an individual basis. These patients are those who:

  • Are heavy smokers
  • Are suffering from uncontrolled chronic disorders
  • Have had radiation therapy to the head or neck

At Just Smile in Ramsgate one of our dentists will assess your health to determine whether or not you’re a suitable candidate for dental implants.

The Dental Implant Procedure…

The dental implant procedure involves surgically inserting the aluminium implant into the jawbone. Once this has healed small posts are attached and then the prosthetic tooth. The total treatment time for dental implants can take anywhere from 3-6 months. However, because each patient’s oral health is different times could vary.

The reason for this long treatment period is because we have to wait for your jawbone to heal around the implant. Once this is done, treatment can continue.  The last step in the treatment process is attaching your prosthetic tooth or dental implant crown. Once this is done you’ll have a perfectly functional prosthetic tooth that will blend in with the rest of your smile.

For more information on how Just Smile can help you, or to book an appointment at our Ramsgate dental practice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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