Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces


woman patient with invisalign tray

Teeth straightening doesn’t need to be confusing, difficult, or unreasonably expensive

If you’re planning to make an appointment at justSMILE, you may be wondering if there are differences between Invisalign clear braces and traditional metal braces. Some information can help you make a choice.


When it comes to discomfort, there’s a significant difference between Invisalign clear aligners and old-fashioned metal braces. If you ask anyone who’s worn traditional braces, it’s not an experience they’d want to repeat. The metal can irritate gums, and may even poke into gums. They can even cause scrapes and cuts in your mouth. The tightness of metal braces can be uncomfortable, too.

You can avoid these problems by choosing Invisalign. It can take a short while to become accustomed to the aligners, but you’ll not have long-term discomfort. As your treatment progresses, you may not even notice you’re wearing the aligners. It’s a simple, pain-free experience.


You can have perfect results with Invisalign. With each stage of your treatment, you’ll have a new set of aligners. They’ll move your teeth slowly and gradually until your teeth are perfectly straight. Traditional braces don’t work the same way. Instead, they force your teeth into place. It’s not uncommon for teeth to move too far. If this occurs, you won’t have the results you want.


Appearance is another reason many people today prefer Invisalign. Metal braces are noticeable every time you open your mouth. For students and working people alike, this can be quite embarrassing. It can affect your self-confidence, your social life, and your job.

Invisalign aligners are almost invisible. Throughout your treatment, no one will notice your aligners. You can enjoy good times with your friends, or participate in business meetings, with complete confidence. If you wish, you can consider teeth straightening a little secret between you and our dental team.


Invisalign may cost a little more than traditional braces, but all of these benefits should be considered. For teeth straightening at its best, Invisalign is the modern, preferred approach. Teens and seniors alike can have a good experience with Invisalign.

We offer convenient financing for Invisalign to make it easier on your wallet, so you’ll be able to get that brilliant smile without breaking the bank!

At justSMILE, Dr Rammo and our team all want you to be happy with your appearance. Straighter teeth can be one of your most noticeable features. Each time you smile, pose for a picture, or meet someone new, you’ll be glad you decided to have your teeth straightened. We want to help you reach your goal of a beautiful smile, so make an appointment today.


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