How Long do Dental Implants Last For?


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How long do dental implants usually last?

When it comes to tooth replacement treatments, dental implants here in Ramsgate have been found to be one of the most successful and predictable dental treatments available on the market, but how long do dental implants last?

All around the world patients are opting for dental implants to replace their missing teeth. Factors that affect the lifespan of dental implants range from jaw bone density and oral hygiene, to lifestyle choices such as diet and smoking.

Find out if a dental implant treatment could be the best tooth replacement solution for you as we take a look into the success of dental implants and what could possibly affect how long your dental implant could last.

But first, what are dental implants?

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Before we delve into how long dental implants last, let’s first take a look at what dental implants are. Here at JustSMILE in Ramsgate Beach, Sydney, we have created a short video explaining what dental implants are. Take a look below…

Dental implants are made up of two parts: a small metal implant that replicates the root of the tooth, and a crown that replicates the visible part of the tooth.

The treatment involves two stages: the implant placement stage where the implant is set into the place that the previous natural tooth sat. Once the bone and gum tissues have properly healed, the crown stage involves a strong porcelain crown being fabricated and attached to the dental implant root.

What could affect how long a dental implant lasts?

Over the past 40 years the use of titanium dental implants in dentistry as a method of replacing missing teeth has become common practice. Thanks to technological advancements and scientific research, we have found a way to replace teeth with the lowest possible chance of failure.

How long do dental implants last?

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Once the dental implant has successfully bonded to your jawbone and healed appropriately, your dental implant can last a lifetime! However, it’s important to consider that from your first dental implant consultation until your last breath there are a lot of different things that could happen in-between that may affect how long your dental implant lasts.

1.       Jawbone density

This is probably one of the most common problem patients who visit inexperienced dentists. When you come to justSMILE here in Ramsgate Beach we will assess the density of your jawbone to make sure that you are compatible with the treatment. For patients who don’t have enough jaw bone to support the implant, a bone graft may be necessary prior to the implant treatment.

2.       Oral health

If you are not brushing twice and flossing daily, you risk the chances of getting gum disease and infection. When your gums become infected there is a chance that they may recede, exposing the implant and possibly causing it to come loose or infected.

3.       Lifestyle choices

The chance of an implant being successful and lasting the remainder of your days is greatly influenced by your smoking habits as well. Smokers are more likely to exhibit symptoms of gum disease which can affect the success of your dental implant. Other things such as pre-existing medical conditions, diseases, and implant misuse can also cause an implant to fail.

4.       The dentist’s dental implant technology and skills

The first thing to consider when choosing an implant dentist is how long your dentist been in the practice of providing dental implant solutions to patients. Here at justSMILE, Dr Rammo has had years of experience and spent a lot of time researching the most efficient, precise and gentle method of placing dental implants and fabricating dental crowns.

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Now with NobelBiocare technology, Dr Rammo can walk you through the treatment process step by step prior to your appointment. This form of technology fabricates a computer aided-3D design of the treatment process. This way Dr Rammo knows the exact position and depth the implant needs to be before surgery, so your treatment will glide by smoothly.

Providing dental implants for patients from Sutherland Shire, Rockdale, Kogarah and Hurstville, Dr Rammo has all the dental implant technology and treatments under one roof.

For a healthy and happy smile for life, book a dental implant consultation with Dr Rammo at justSMILE and find out how we can help.

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