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Bio tech teeth

Replace your missing teeth with dental implants

at JustSMILE in Ramsgate Beach, Sydney in a fast and effective way.

Let us explain to you how justSMILE is able to provide you with a quick and simple tooth replacement method. Using cutting edge technology we are able to get a competitive edge to stand out from the rest of Sydney dental practices.

Replacing your missing tooth

Losing a tooth can come at quite a cost. Not only can it affect you aesthetically, but often times it can also affect functionality. When loss of teeth results in difficulty speaking or eating, it could take some time to adjust. It’s also important to factor in that when gaps are present, the neighbouring natural teeth can tend to shift and could even result in the need for orthodontics in extreme cases.

What makes us different

Keeping up with the latest in dental technology and restoration design, justSMILE has 3 different systems to help your treatment run smoothly. By combining the NobelClinician system, the NobelGuide system and E4D technology, we can provide our patients with the means for fast and accurate same day dental implants.

Understanding your dental implant treatment with the NobelClinician system

Here at justSMILE we want to ensure our patients are as comfortable as possible prior to their treatment. Using the NobelClinician system, we can sit down with you and show you through interactive media on a Communicator iPad exactly how your treatment will play out.

This will likely show you:

  • The different steps in your treatment and;
  • Your results

Basically this system will walk you through your procedure and it also provides a more relaxed setting if you have any questions you may want answered before your dental implant treatment.

Your treatment with Dr Rammo and the NobelGuide system

In Dr Rammo’s expert hands and using the NobelGuide system, your dental implant treatment can be carried out in a time effective manner. This technology uses a treatment planning system to guide the implant with accuracy.

Using a computer generated 3D design, the system ensure the placement of you implant is seamless. NobelGuide calculates:

  • How deep the implant needs to be and;
  • The exact position for the implant

This information is valuable for you because it minimalises the chances of your dental implant being misplaced. It also offers the ability to place both implant and restorative crown or bridge at the same time.

Fabricating your crown with E4D technology

This brings us to the final stage of your dental implant treatment – the restoration. Generally most practices would have to send away to a lab for the restoration but here at justSMILE in Ramsgate, South Sydney, we have the technology to offer you a strong porcelain restoration during the same appointment if you are applicable for the procedure.

With Dr Rammo using only the best technology dentistry has to offer, E4D can design and fabricate crowns in as little as 1 hour.

With a consistently changing environment where technology and knowledge is vital for us to grow, we aspire to ensure our patients have access to the latest dental gadgets and treatment information.

Dental implants in Sydney

To find out more about how we at justSMILE use technology and expertise to replace your missing teeth in a fast and effective method, contact our Ramsgate Beach practice located in Sydney near Rockdale, Hurstville and Sutherland Shire.


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