Have Missing Teeth? You May Be Experiencing Jaw Bone Loss


Are YOU Experiencing Bone Loss? Bone grafting for Implant dentistry in Sydney NSW

Bone loss is something that we cannot see

and the only way they can be seen are via bone density scans, but do you know the importance of bone to the teeth? How do we know if the bone is healthy if we cannot see it?

The Mandible or the lower jaw is one of the largest and strongest bones in the body and serves as the foundations for your bottom row of teeth. It is the only way the teeth can be used to turn food into a digestible paste and is a key element in creating sound so that we can communicate. Missing teeth cause bone loss and it can seriously affect the health and longevity of your surrounding jaw bone.

Signs and symptoms that you are experiencing bone loss…

Are you starting to believe that you are suffering from jaw bone loss? It is best not to jump to conclusions but if you are experiencing any number of the following you may be suffering jaw bone loss:

  1. Fatigue and low level of fitness
  2. Receding gum line
  3. Decreased strength in jaw
  4. Weak and brittle fingernails/teeth
  5. Muscle aches and jaw pain

It is important that if you are experiencing any other these symptoms to come visit us at Just Smile near the Sutherland Shire to discover the underlying reasons why you might be going through these changes.

Why do people lose jaw bone?

There are many reasons why someone might be losing bone density in their jaw besides missing teeth, it could be a genetic defect or a vitamin deficiency but some of the more serious reasons for jaw bone loss are:

  • Tooth extractions
  • Periodontal disease
  • Dentures/bridgework
  • Trauma
  • Misalignment
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Tumours
  • Development Deformities
  • Sinus Deficiencies

At our practice, we commonly find that bone loss is the result of missing teeth or previous tooth extractions. This deterioration occurs when the root structure that joins the tooth to the jaw is no longer present and the stimulation that occurs when the food is being chewed is no longer being extended to the jaw. Without this stimulation, the jaw bone is left to deteriorate from lack of use.

At Just Smile near the Sutherland Shire we prevent the jaw bone from deteriorating with a dental implant …

Missing teeth are an easy fix with a dental implant. A dental implant is an amazing way for the jaw to be restimulated by creating a fake root (titanium screw) and prosthetic root for stimulation. The procedure requires a titanium screw to be inserted into the gap for the new tooth to be attached. The jaw will eventually fuse with the titanium over time because of its biocompatible nature. This will strengthen the jaw and prevent any further deterioration.

The dental implant is the closest thing available to a natural tooth and will function, look and feel exactly like a natural tooth. If you have one or more missing teeth this is a fantastic way to prevent or stop bone loss, regain balance in your bite and prevent you from being susceptible to any oral related diseases and at JustSMILE we use the NobleGuide™ dental implant system to place your implant with extreme accuracy and ease.

For more information on dental implants, bone loss prevention or to book an appointment at our dental practice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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