What Are Overdentures?

What are they?

Overdentures, or denture implants, are an excellent alternative to false teeth or dentures.

They are essentially a denture held in place on your jaw by two, or sometimes three dental implants.

Overdentures sit more securely on your gums than traditional dentures and are still removable. They snap in place using special attachments. That’s why you may have heard of them as ‘snap-on-dentures’.

Am I a candidate for Overdentures?

This treatment is for people that are or are about to be missing all their bottom teeth.  

Already missing all your teeth? The dentist will take a 3D x-ray to see if you have enough bone for placing dental implants.

Still have some remaining teeth but need them removed? The dentist will still take a 3D x-ray to locate any infection present. He or she clearing any infection before treatment begins.

What does the process for getting an Overdenture?

Your first consultation involves reviewing your dental & general health and a 3D x-ray. These determine if an Overdenture is suitable for your needs.

Then, your dentist will remove any teeth and treat any infection as necessary.

Your dentist will use the 3D x-ray of your jawbone to virtually place the implants; Allowing them to determine the size and placement of each implant before the surgery. You can see Dr Rammo performing this process in this video.

Your dentist then prints a 3D guide to ensure the correct placement of all implants. This process results in a higher chance of success, more comfortable experience and faster recovery.

You can read more about the procedure for placing dental implants here.

After placing the implants, they will need time to heal and integrate into your jawbone.  This process may take up to 3 months, in which time your dental implants are covered with a special ‘healing cap’.  Your dentist will adjust your dentures so they fit over the top of the healing caps. You can generally go back to wearing your normal dentures in a few days.

If teeth need to be removed beforehand, your dentist can provide an ‘immediate denture’ while your bone and gums heal.

When fully healed, your dentist places special attachments on the implants and inside your denture.  In some cases doing this at the same appointment.  

If adjustment is needed, your dentist will take an impression of your implants and the lab will manufacture a new denture.  This process may take up to two weeks.

What are the benefits of Overdentures?

  • Enjoy wider varieties of your favourite foods.
  • Improved speech. No loose dentures mean clearer speech.
  • Improved self-confidence. Never worry about a denture mishap in social situations again.
  • Less pain associated with mouth sores that develop from loose dentures.
  • Less hassle of having to apply denture glue and adhesives.

What happens to your jawbone if you don’t have teeth or implants?

Once you lose your teeth, your bone starts to recede.  Why? Eating and chewing food stimulates the bone, keeping it healthy. When there are no teeth, your body decides that this bone is unnecessary and it starts to disappear.

Unfortunately, this affects your dentures fit, making them difficult to keep in place.  Ill-fitting dentures can increase the pressure on the jawbone and worsen bone loss.  Bone loss will vary from person to person, and there is no way to predict how much it will impact you.  

The good news. Having dental implants tricks the body into thinking teeth are present. This prevents further bone loss around the implants.

How much do overdentures cost?

The cost of Overdentures vary due to a few factors

  • The type of implant used.
  • The experience of the dental surgeon.
  • The cost of the dentures from the lab.

If your existing dentures can be transferred to an overdenture, the cost can be as little as $5,000.  At justSMILE we also offer payment plans, deferring the cost of your overdentures over time.  

What if I want to replace my upper teeth?

Overdentures may be an option for some people to replace their upper teeth. Upper overdentures are made in a slightly different way to lower Overdentures. Dr Rammo will be able to answer any questions you have about replacing upper teeth.   

What are the alternatives to Overdentures?

Some alternatives to Overdentures that we provide at JustSMILE.

  • Traditional Dentures
  • All on 4

All on 4 is a great solution to replace all teeth and is fixed in the mouth and not removable.  Dr Rammo will able to advise you if All on 4 is a solution for you and answer any questions you may have about this treatment.

How do I look after my overdentures?

Keeping your implants and overdenture clean ensures the long-term success of your implants.  If food accumulates around your implants, your gums may get infected. This could lead to losing bone around your implants and the possible failure of the implants themselves.  Fortunately looking after them is quite easy.  

  • Brush your implants, and around the rest of your mouth after each meal.
  • Floss around the top of your implants, or wipe with a cotton swab.
  • Soak your dentures overnight with denture cleaning tablets.
  • 6 monthly dental check-ups.

Book a free Implant Consultation

A justSMILE we provide free dental implant consultations every Friday.  If you would like to book an appointment for a consultation, call us on 9529 7555 and speak to one of our friendly team.

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