The Most Popular Trends In Cosmetic Dentistry 


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5 Of The Most Popular Trends In Cosmetic Dentistry

Not so long ago, veneers dominated the dental industry. The same rings true for the teeth whitening trend that over the years has managed to make patients teeth whiter and whiter. However, today dentists are now venturing into aesthetic dentistry which is focused on achieving the most natural appearance for their patients. The latest trends within the world of dentistry include:

1. Gum Contouring

Making the teeth appear shapelier and longer is one goal involved when it comes to gum contouring. This trend also goes by the name of gum reshaping, which is the ideal procedure for individuals that have smiles that are more gummy than usual. In addition to improving your overall smile, this procedure is also used to improve the overall health associated with your gums and teeth.

2. Dental Implants For Younger Patients

Over the years dental implants were more geared towards seniors. Yet today an increasing number of younger adults have chosen these procedures over bridges. In addition to the functionality that these implants provide, the dental implant matches up well to the trend and goals to achieve natural-looking teeth. These implants also have the ability to last just as long as natural teeth.

3. Teeth Whitening

This might not be a new trend, but is definitely a procedure that has increased significantly in popularity over the last decade. Yet, more recently many patients are now interested in white teeth that look more natural and are moving away from the overly-white trend. In addition to appearing a bit strange, teeth that are super-white are usually heavily treated, which can result in weakening the enamel over your teeth. Today, many people prefer to whiten their teeth to the stage that they still look natural and healthy.

4. 3-D Printing

For many years, dentists have relied on the laboratories in order to fabricate bridges and crowns. Yet the introduction of 3D printing has managed to change all of that. More recently, many dentists have started to pay far more attention to 3D printing as it assists with producing accurate drill guides used for dental implants, along with making clear aligners or physical models used for prosthodontics. The 3D printing machines have also introduced a way to lower costs when it comes to the patient and the dentist. This has to do with more accurate and much faster model making.

5. More Financing For Patients 

Cosmetic dentistry has always been expensive. Yet today there are many people that visit a cosmetic dentist that are willing to pay for these procedures with financing plans. While the dental practices along with the dentists have no control over what the insurance companies are prepared to cover, they are able to provide payment plans that are more flexible. In fact, there are even dental practices that now offer in-house loyalty programs, which has encouraged and inspired a lot more people to go for cosmetic dentistry procedures in order to enhance the appearance of their smile.

When it comes to many other niche types, a trend is suggested as something temporary. Yet, when considering cosmetic dentistry, these are the trend types which have an impact that lasts much longer and have the abilities to change smiles and even lifestyles.

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