Tips To Keep Your Smile Bright And White


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Whether you visit us for teeth whitening or already have a white smile, here are some tips to help keep your teeth beautifully white and bright.

Avoid Certain Foods and Drinks

A bright smile doesn’t require many dietary restrictions, but there are some products you should eliminate from your diet. One category includes products that cause stains. These products have deep, dark colours. Some examples: black tea and coffee, cola, red wine, berries, and tomato sauce.

A second category covers acidic products. Acidic foods and beverages wear down tooth enamel. They can increase your risk of tooth decay as well as making teeth more susceptible to stains. Examples include soft drinks, fruit juices, and citrus fruits.

A third category includes products that can damage your teeth. Avoid foods that are excessively hard or sticky. Hard sweets and popcorn are some examples.

Regular Checkups

The best home dental care cannot replace regular dental visits. Your dental floss and toothpaste can’t remove all of the harmful substances and bacteria that’ll be removed during a professional cleaning. Unless you have a dental issue requiring more frequent visits, make appointments for checkups at least twice each year.

Proper Brushing and Flossing

Brush your teeth at least twice each day, in the morning and at bedtime. If you want your teeth to be clean and healthy, it’s better to brush after every meal. If you can’t brush after a snack, rinse with fresh water or mouthwash. Floss at least once each day.

Take the time to brush and floss carefully and thoroughly. If you’re not sure of the proper methods, you can ask us at your next appointment. Dr Rammo can also provide information on the toothpaste, toothbrush, and floss that is right for you.

Consider Teeth Whitening

Whether you want to rejuvenate dull teeth or prepare for a special occasion, your teeth will look their best after they’re whitened. You’ll enjoy having your picture taken when you have a gorgeous white smile!

Avoid tobacco products Tobacco is harmful to your oral health, and it also stains teeth. When you want a white, bright smile, don’t use any type of tobacco products. If you smoke, ask Dr Rammo or your personal physician for advice on quitting. There’s no good reason to smoke, and many good reasons to quit. You can have a nicer smile, better oral health, and better overall health, too.

If you have more questions or want to come in for a checkup, it’s easy to schedule an appointment at justSMILE. You can visit our website and book an appointment online. If you prefer, you can call our Ramsgate Beach NSW office at 02 9529 7555, or our Bondi office at 02 9387 1710.


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