Tips To Protect Your Brilliant Smile


Dr Rammo working on dental patient teeth

Whether you’ve had teeth whitening, teeth straightening, veneers, or no dental work at all, it’s easy to protect your brilliant smile. Some tips can keep your teeth gorgeous in the years ahead.

Home Oral Care

Brush your teeth at least twice per day. The best approach is to brush after every meal. Floss daily, preferably at bedtime. Whenever you brush and floss, do it carefully and thoroughly. Use home oral care products that are appropriate for you. If you’re not sure of a product or a specific technique, you can ask us at justSMILE.

Check and Cleans

Make appointments for regular visits at least once every six months. You may need to come in more often if you have a dental problem or dental work. A routine visit will include an examination and cleaning. These visits are essential when you want healthy, white teeth.

Foods That Harm Your Teeth

There are some foods and drinks to avoid when you want your teeth to stay in excellent condition. Avoid products that can cause stains. Also avoid hard foods that can chip your natural teeth and your dental work. Limit acidic products, such as citrus fruits, citrus juices, and soft drinks.

Bad Oral Habits

Some lifestyle habits are harmful to both dental work and natural teeth. Don’t chew or bite objects that shouldn’t be in your mouth. Don’t smoke or use other tobacco products.

Tooth-Friendly Food There are some foods that’ll keep your teeth clean and healthy. Crunchy vegetables and fruits should be in your daily diet. An apple is one of the best examples. When you eat an apple, it keeps your tooth enamel clean. Not only will you have clean teeth, you’ll be less susceptible to dental decay. For strong, healthy teeth, make sure there’s plenty of calcium and vitamin D in your diet, too.

If you want more tips for white teeth and dental health, you can ask our friendly staff at justSMILE when you come in for an appointment. We’ll be happy to meet with you, answer your questions, and schedule a cleaning and an examination. Whether you live in Ramsgate Beach or the eastern suburbs of Sydney, your visit to one of our offices will be a pleasant experience.


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