Veneers or Braces to Correct Wonky Front Teeth?


Invisalign clear aligner for perfect teeth

Having crooked front teeth might be seen as unattractive. In some cases, it can even affect your ability to bite and to thoroughly clean your teeth. If you live in or near Bondi, Ramsgate Beach NSW, or one of Sydney’s eastern or southern suburbs, we’d like you to come to our practice to talk about your options.


Dental veneers take less time, and usually cost less than braces depending on how many you need. However, veneers are most effective for certain types of misalignment. The most common examples are overcrowding, crossbite, overbite, and spaces between the front teeth.

If you’re a good candidate for veneers, you’ll not experience discomfort, since it’s done in a single office visit with some local anaesthetic.

Orthodontic Treatment

For other types of misalignment, braces are generally more effective. You may need to wear braces for several months, but a little patience will provide amazing results.

You can expect minor discomfort when you first start wearing Invisalign clear aligners. This discomfort will disappear after you’ve worn your aligners for a while. The same can’t be said for traditional metal braces. Many people experience discomfort, and even pain, throughout their treatment with traditional braces. Teeth straightening shouldn’t be a difficult experience. This is one reason to choose Invisalign over metal braces.

Final Appearance

The final appearance is important, too. Most people achieve the best results with Invisalign clear braces. When you want to correct minor misalignment and have straight teeth, you’re likely to choose Invisalign after considering all of your options. Invisalign’s advanced technology allows for some fabulous results in less time than you think.

We do offer financing options for all of our cosmetic dental treatments, so you’ll be able to get the smile of your dreams for a price you can afford.

Your Next Step

The first step is to assess the misalignment. Dr Rammo will examine your teeth and determine the approach that’s most appropriate for your situation. You’ll enjoy your visit to our office when you’re welcomed by our caring staff. If you have any concerns about a dental visit, you’ll quickly feel at ease and comfortable. You’ll see why so many people in the Bondi and Ramsgate Beach NSW areas like our dental office so much.

We genuinely care about our patients, and we’re ready to meet you for your next appointment. If you live in or near Ramsgate, call 02 9529 7555, or call 02 9387 1710 for our Bondi Junction office. If you prefer, you can book an appointment online at We want you to have the smile of your dreams!


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