Dentofacial Aesthetics

This innovative branch of dentistry focuses on enhancing your visage to frame your beautiful smile.

A common association with dentistry for most people is that dentistry is simply the act of fixing teeth, but as modern science advances and as the study of dentistry around the world continues to expand, dentistry begins to involve so much more than simply ‘fixing’ teeth. Especially when you have highly trained professionals like Dr Rammo, dentistry can be about even more than treating oral health and fixing teeth.

Dentists receive greater training on facial anatomy during their studies, so it is a natural step that highly trained professionals such as Dr Rammo provide cosmetic treatments for the facial area.

Dentofacial aesthetics is a new way of looking at cosmetic dentistry, which looks beyond the teeth of a cosmetic dental patient. Dentofacial aesthetics looks at a smile as an issue concerning the whole face. Improving the smile without improving the rest of the face will make your teeth look good, but it may accentuate problems across the rest of your face.

Get a full face cosmetic dental treatment to rejuvenate and refresh your smile…

At justSMILE in Ramsgate near Kogarah and Rockdale in St George, South Sydney, Dr Rammo can give you a cosmetic treatment that will have you looking younger and refreshed.

With the use of non-surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic treatments, Dr Rammo can refine and rejuvenate your face to compliment your exquisite cosmetic, general or restorative dental work.

Whether you are looking to soften wrinkles, revitalise your lips, or a gummy smile justSMILE can help by providing aesthetic treatments such as:

The word innovation gets bandied around a lot. But when it comes to dentofacial aesthetics, this truly is on the forefront of dentistry. Dentofacial aesthetics is innovative because it steps away from the traditions and established conventions of dentistry by treating more than just your oral health.

In order to give our patients the best that dentistry has to offer, Dr Rammo strives to continually be on the forefront of innovations in the dental industry, and illustrates this by providing world-class dentofacial aesthetic treatment.