See Your Future Smile Transformation: Digital Smile Design

The innovative way to see your future smile before cosmetic dentistry procedures.

What Is Digital Smile Design?

If you’re searching for the best solution to improving your smile, you may have heard about Digital Smile Design. But what exactly is DSD?

It is a modern dental treatment planning system that uses state-of-the-art technology. Digital Smile Design allows dentists to analyse your facial and dental structure with digital imaging. These images build a 3D portrait on the computer screen which you and your dentist use to design your new smile.

DSD is used for planning many dental treatments including clear aligners, dental implants and veneers. Our dental practice has used this for years to provide our patients with the exact results they deserve.

Get in touch to find out how we can work together to transform your smile so you can smile with confidence. Our friendly and knowledgeable dental practice staff look forward to answering your questions.


Effective & Versatile Smile Creation

We understand that lacking self-confidence because of your smile can affect your well-being. Avoiding photos or hiding your smile when you laugh can really get to you. You need an effective solution that can give you the best smile you deserve and rid you of insecurities.

Some patients are tempted to try all sorts of fads and temporary fixes to improve their smiles. Why not save time and money with the most effective solution to your perfect smile?

Digital Smile Design is the most cost-effective and time-efficient way to achieve the results you want. It involves fewer visits to the dentist compared to other traditional procedures and provides the most accurate 3D scans of your teeth and jaw.

It is also the most versatile dental imaging technology. The 3D scans are used to provide accurate results for multiple treatments from alignments to full dental implants and veneers.

Quick & Painless Dental Imaging

Unlike some other traditional methods, Digital Smile Design is simple, quick and totally pain-free. There is no need for uncomfortable dental impression moulds, local anaesthetic injections or messy gels.

The Digital Smile Design technology consists of a painless tooth scanner that takes photos, videos and 3D scans of your teeth with ease. After just a few photos, you’ll be able to see your 3D scan of your teeth and jaw on the screen just like that!

Co-Design Your Smile

Sometimes, dental patients are unhappy with the results of their cosmetic dental treatments. Unfortunately, this can be a risk of visiting a cosmetic dentist who uses outdated or inaccurate methods. Cosmetic dental procedures are often irreversible. So risking undesirable results is just not worth it.

With Digital Smile Design, you get the unique opportunity to co-design your own smile with your dentist. If you’re not happy with the way something looks on your new smile design, your dentist can work with you to change it.

Digital smile design imaging allows room for adjustments so you can get the natural-looking smile that suits your aesthetics. You’ll be able to see your 3D smile design on your own scanned face image to decide it’s right for you.

How Digital Smile Design Works

Step 1: Request an Appointment

Get in touch with us to book an appointment for your Digital Smile Design to avoid disappointment. New patients can send a selfie smile to us in advance so we can assess it before your appointment to save time.

Step 2: DSD Scanning & Imaging

Our cosmetic dentist uses their expertise to examine your face and pre-existing teeth. Then they take photos and scans of your teeth and jaw using the Digital Smile Design technology.

Step 3: Designing Your Smile

Your cosmetic dentist will assess the 2D and 3D image results and begin a smile improvement design according to their recommendations. They’ll prioritize your dental health and let you know if they find any issues.

Step 4: Your Approval

Your Dentist will trial the new smile using a temporary material to place a copy of the new design over your existing teeth , photos will be taken to compare and will evaluate to see if you would like to make any changes.

The temporary material will be taken off and an appointment will be made for next step.

Step 5: Dental Treatment

Using your agreed Digital Smile Design, we go ahead with your chosen dental procedure to transform your smile. Your dentist will provide you with everything you need to know about how to care for your new smile.

Digital Smile Design Pricing

Your Digital Smile Design procedure will be built into the total price of your cosmetic dental treatment. Every patient is unique with different dental needs. We treat every patient with the individual attention and excellent service they deserve along with a customised quote for their treatment.

We offer competitive pricing on cosmetic dentistry with unbeatable quality and results. Contact us to get a quote for your smile transformation today.

Why Just Smile for Digital Smile Design

The Just Smile dental practice is built on the foundations of excellence, innovation, honesty, and care. We are dental perfectionists and do everything we can to provide you with the perfect smile you’ve always wanted.

Dr Rammo is one of the leading cosmetic dentists in NSW. He is based in Ramsgate and Woollahra near Bondi Junction Beach, Kogarah, Hurstville and the Sutherland Shire in Sydney. He is the founder of the Just Smile dental practice.

He works with a team of dental professionals to ensure that his patients receive the most comprehensive and high-quality treatments available. Dr Rammo and his team use the latest dental technology to provide an extensive selection of cosmetic, general and preventive dentistry services.

Our compassionate team are committed to providing our patients with an unbeatable customer experience. They fill you with confidence to trust in us for your dental care now and in the future. See our Smile Gallery.

See Your Future Smile With Digital Smile Design

You won’t ever want to hide your smile again after receiving your one-of-a-kind smile transformation with Digital Smile Design and Just Smile. Smile with confidence and enjoy life! Book your Digital Smile Design today.