Gummy Smile

When too much gum is revealed, it creates an imbalance in the proportions of a beautiful smile

There are those whose smile is mostly gum. If this is you, justSMILE has the answer.

At justSMILE located in Ramsgate near Kogarah and Rockdale in St George, South Sydney, our principal dentist Dr Rammo can utilise dentofacial aesthetics and laser dentistry to correct a gummy smile.

Dento-facial aesthetics is becoming the new cosmetic dentistry. Dr Rammo, using dentofacial aesthetics is now able to provide patients with more treatment options. This will provide patients with a better dentistry experience and better results.

Gummy smiles are caused by two factors:

  1. Excess gum tissue
  2. Overactive muscles controlling the upper lip

Excess gum tissue can be treated with laser dentistry

Before laser dentistry, treating a gummy smile could be a painful procedure that involved stitches and a lengthy recovery. Now, thanks to laser dentistry the whole operation can happen under a local anaesthetic.

Laser gum contouring is a virtually pain-free treatment that uses a soft/hard tissue laser to remove excess gum tissue. During this procedure the laser reseals the soft tissue of the mouth almost immediately; creating a bloodless procedure that heals within a few days. Also you should be able to eat and drink normally within a day of having the treatment.

The laser allows Dr Rammo to cut and reshape the gums in around two minutes a tooth. At justSMILE we use the DELight Versa Wave® Dental Laser. This advanced laser technology allows Dr Rammo to provide his patients with comfortable dentistry. The DELight Versa Wave® Dental Laser does not emit heat or vibration and so many dental treatments can be completed without anaesthesia.

Overactive upper lip muscles can be treated with injectable muscle relaxants

During this treatment, a muscle relaxant is injected into the overactive muscles, reducing the elevation of the upper lip and creating a beautiful, more symmetrical smile. This is a virtually painless procedure that can be undertaken in around 10 minutes, and patients can return to normal activity immediately. Results are typically seen after a week or two.

As with any cosmetic dental treatment it is important that you maintain good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups. Not only will regular check-ups be good for your overall oral health but Dr Rammo can ensure that your gums have healed properly.