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The Top 9 Toothache Causes

toothache causes

Top 9 Toothache Causes   Ah, the dreaded toothache.  In the dark ages, people believed toothaches to be the result of witchcraft or a curse.  And if you've experienced one lately it's easy to understand why! Luckily today we know the real causes of a toothache and the treatment options.…

How to Manage your Toothache Up Until Your Appointment

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If you have an emergency dental appointment it’s important to take care of your teeth in the meantime. Sometimes it won’t be possible to see us straight away when you have a toothache or a dental emergency. Your dental emergency may be after hours, or you may have to wait…

What happens if you ignore a broken or chipped tooth

Do-You-Have-More-Gaps-than-Teeth? Dental Implants Sydney NSW

Help! I have chipped my tooth – what now? Your teeth are strong and resilient.  Did you know the enamel covering your teeth is the hardest, most mineralised tissue in the human body?  However, a chipped tooth or breaking a tooth happens, so what can you do about it? How…