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Dentist Dr Rammo explains the Philips Zoom! Teeth Whitening process from his Sydney dental practice:

What sets Zoom! Teeth Whitening treatments apart from regular whitening treatments here in Sydney?

The difference between using Zoom teeth whitening (in-office) compared to an alternative whitening product is that once you start mixing the alternative whitening products, the active ingredients will generally become active for about 2-3 minutes. From then on, the alternative whitening treatment is basically just a regular gel.

With the Zoom treatment, Philips have invented a way to ensure the gel is activated by the light. This is called a sustained release of the bleaching solution.

This means that rather than having a great release of the bleaching solution in the 2-3 minutes it is active, we are able to control the release on a steady basis for 15 minutes. By following this method we are able to continue the whitening procedure at the same pace until the 15 minutes are up.

How is the treatment performed?

Step 1: Protection

Firstly we will isolate the treatment area. We spend about 15 minutes to ensure the gum, cheeks, and lips are covered and all tissues aside from the teeth themselves are protected. Here at Just Smile, due to the strong nature of the bleaching agents at work, we take extra care in ensuring the patient will feel no discomfort throughout the treatment process.

Step 2: Light activation

Once we are satisfied with the protective measures, we will apply the first layer of the Zoom whitening gel. Using the light we will activate the gel for 15 minutes. Once that cycle is completed the machine will automatically shut down to protect the patient’s smile.

Step 3: Repeat the process

Once this process is complete, we will then wipe away the old gel and reapply. This process is carried out 3 times. By the end of the 45 minute session, your teeth should look at least 6 shade lighter depending on your initial discolouration.

Teeth whitening Sydney

Are you looking for a Sydney dentist to perform your teeth whitening treatment? Here at Just Smile, Dr Rammo takes special care in keeping up to date with the most advanced, efficient and effective treatments available on the market.

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He also offers treatments for patients looking to smooth fine lines, assist with gummy smiles, or volumise face or lips aesthetically. Treatments designed to enhance the overall appearance of your face to frame your smile include:

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