As Nature Intended; Mouth Symmetry and Dental Implants


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Every element in life obeys to some type of symmetry

because it is the most efficient way to make something work or to get something done.
The symmetry of the human body allows each organic mechanism to function in tandem. When this symmetry is affected negatively that is when a person can begin to experience problems in their function, attraction and development.

Symmetry of the teeth…

The teeth serve three purposes worth noting: function, attraction and development. Its function is to chew food, its attraction to look aesthetically pleasing and assist the voice in vocal enticement and further developing and growing in tandem with the body for optimal harmony.

When the body grows, it grows in spurts and in adolescence we experience an influx of oils and hormonal imbalances that affect our overall health but when we blossom into adults our body settles into our own natural symmetry that will allow us to function, attract and further develop.

Missing teeth and its effects on teeth harmony…

In the mouth there are thirty two teeth, all of which serve a purpose to chew, cut, mash and grind food into a paste for digestion. The teeth sit in a groove against each other and when we having missing teeth it can have a devastating effect on the way we utilise our mouths.

  • The mobility of your mouth can seriously deteriorate
  • Missing teeth is not an aesthetically pleasing sight and can damage self-confidence
  • It will more than likely stunt the development and influence the further destruction of more teeth to compensate.

To restore symmetry and harmony to your mouth, at Just Smile we encourage the placement of dental implants.

What is so natural about a dental implant?

A dental implant is only second to that of your natural tooth, it is the closest thing we offer to the real deal. The process in which a dental implant in used by the insertion of a titanium alloy screw that acts as the root and a prosthetic tooth is then placed over the top.

Dental implants are:

  • Biocompatible – your body will most likely not reject it
  • They take place of the missing tooth AND the root
  • Over time the titanium root will fuse to jaw bone
  • Permanent and durable solution
  • They look exactly like a real tooth

Replacing the missing tooth with a dental implant will restore the symmetry to your mouth by allowing it function properly again, allow you to regain normal speech and eating patterns, have a full, pleasing smile and no longer hinder development.

Regain your natural symmetry at Just Smile with our dental implant treatment…

At Just Smile we revel in such an amazing advancement in dental technology being available to us and if you are a suitable candidate we will not hesitate to offer you this treatment. Those who have healthy gums and enough bone volume to support the implant are more than likely candidates for the treatment. If you are unsure whether you are a viable candidate come and visit our practice at Ramsgate near the Sutherland Shire and well give you an evaluation. Regain your natural symmetry with a dental implant today!

For more information on dental implants, or to book an appointment at our Ramsgate dental practice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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