Time to Get Invisible with Straightening


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If you have been procrastinating about getting your teeth straightened

because you aren’t too happy about everyone being able to see what you are doing, then you need to know about invisible braces.

Here at Just Smile, your dentist in Ramsgate and Woollahra near Bondi Junction, we provide invisible clear aligners rather than noticeable bracket and wire braces.

How clear aligners work

Invisible clear aligners are different from traditional braces technology because they look more like mouth guards than braces. The aligners are moulded to fit your teeth like a second skin, and once they are in place, because the plastic from which they are made is so thin, they are very hard to see.

You get a series of these aligners and inside each one is a carefully placed set of pressure points that press on your teeth gently to get them to move. The pressure points are slightly different inside each aligner in the series. You wear one after the other, each for about 7-10 days and it gets the teeth to move one step along the path to alignment.

By the time you have finished with the last aligner, your teeth will be correctly lined up. Then all you have to do is wear a retainer for a period of time, so that your teeth stay in place while the bone and fibres that hold the teeth in their sockets settle down.

You also get a free whitening treatment when you have completed the treatment, so you leave with a cracking smile.

Hassle-free straightening

As well as being very hard to spot, the other big plus with this way of straightening teeth is that the aligners are taken out every time you want to eat or drink anything other than plain water. With no braces in your mouth, you can eat whatever you want without having to worry about getting food trapped in your straightening device or damaging it.

We have 2 brands of invisible braces: Invisalign and ClearCorrect. Why not get yourself approved for a consultation with Dr Rammo to find out if your alignment issues are suitable for treatment with clear aligners.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.

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